Wild Shoe Tree in Alabama (or) Michigan Governor in Georgia?

Took a trip up through western Georgia and northern Alabama. I learned many interesting things on this excursion. First, in western Georgia there are no bike lanesbike_lanea and second, parks are named after Michigan Governors.IMG_2618 Third, there are shoe trees in Alabama IMG_2681and fourth, the city flag of Florence is nothing more than the Florida state flag with their green city seal replacing the Florida state seal. IMG_2752

Florence city flag

Florida State Flag

  …and speaking of Florence, Alabama, when they indicate there is a bike lane that simply means you can ride in the road with the cars

…and you don’t have to go to their historic section of town to see an original McDonalds with golden arches (not a retro reproduction, saw some of those in Tennessee). IMG_2711 They are proud of their heritage as is evident in the naming of their businesses IMG_2889

and lets not forget we are in the heart of the “bible belt”. IMG_2888

All in all, an interesting and fun way to start the new year!

Happy New Year from Florida Biking!

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