Cyclist don’t hold the only patent to passion…

Preparing for the up coming Bike art show at Beaux Arts Gallery on June 27, I was privileged to visit artist and their studios. I quickly learned that the studio was a key hole to the inner thoughts of the artist.

… and a clean “Better Homes and Garden” studio is not an indicator of success nor does wealth indicate an exceptional

Being a “Muggle” I was able to take an objective look through that magical “key hole” and learned some of the secrets of the artist. Their commitment or lack thereof was evident as I walked around the studios, touching the brushes,

studio-vignette-5looking behind hidden art and noticing their watchful eye as I wander about. Their passion on the other hand was evident, not in where each brush sat or their polished wood studio floor, but rather the care and thought that went into each stroke, blend, weld, drip, bend, or breath they blow.



They do this all with bitter patience, persistence of a postage stamp and perspiration of the work. The results being the sweet fruit of art! Traits that few people possess together at one time.


To quote an artist, which applies to all artist no matter what medium they choose, “Do not tell me you can do what I do until you have.” -Abigail Markov

If an artist can dream it, they can do it. We need more dreamers…


See you at the Bike art show!

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MODERN BOHEMIAN – Bryant Martinez

As you walk around Winthrop Town Center you are likely to stumble into this guy! IMG_3986

… Bryant Martinez, Winthrop Town Artist. Don’t let his title fool you, his work can be found all over the world. The best part is you can visit this part of his world and it abounds with his sculptures everywhere. …and if you really want to be adventurous, travel to downtown Tampa and search out his works of art that are scattered throughout the city, many on street corners!

Several years ago I spotted this unique bike rack in front of Publix. IMG_3994

I was so intrigued with this piece of art (after all it had to do with bikes) that I posted the picture to our Florida Biking Facebook page. Along with many comments from friends and other viewers, I also received a  comment from the artist, Bryant. From there a true admiration of his work and respect of the artist has grown. He truly believes in building traditions that communities can develop and expand from.

Please take the time below and click on the link that shows some of Bryant’s art work and current projects, you won’t be disappointed. If you are in the area make sure you take the time to visit his gallery in Winthrop Town Center and plan on visiting one of his monthly Art Shows.

Photos of Winthrop Town Artist and his works of art!

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Bayshore Linear Trail


Bayshore Linear Trail is known as the World’s Longest Continuous Sidewalk, and running parallel to Bayshore Boulevard and Tampa Bay it is over 4.5 miles of nothing but breath taking views of the Bay.

On the trail, you’ll pass by some of Tampa’s most prestigious homes in Old Hyde Park , many of which are on the National Historic Register.


The sidewalk, which is 10 feet wide, starts on the north at the Columbus Statue Park at Platt Street and ends at Gandy Boulevard. You can extend it another mile by taking the brick paved road that leads to Ballast Park and Tampa Yacht and Country Club.


The trail is full of amenities including benches, water fountains, bicycle parking, a city marina, police patrolling on bikes, and fitness stations along the way.Parking is available at the Bay to Bay Park, Ballast Point Park and Fred Ball Park.

Ballast Point is our favorite place to park both for security and at the end of the ride they have a very nice restaurant

 (Taste of Boston),  fishing pier, rest rooms, play area with water entertainment for the kids, ice cream and lots of picnic tables. There are not a lotofparking spaces so make sure your arrive early on the weekends.

Once you have ridden the trail into Tampa and back, follow the narrow brick paved roads past the Yacht Club into the heart of Historic Hyde Park.

The roads will chatter you teeth a little but take your time and enjoy the beauty of these Historic homes which are kept up impeccably.

Please enjoy our short video we took along the trail and for additional pictures visit our album on Face Book by clicking this link > Ballast Point and Bayshore Linear Trail

Tampa Bay… nothing quite compares!

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Catrike Rally 2013

Catrike Rally 2013.

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Collection of Safety Videos to help make your cycling experience more enjoyable…

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