Cyclist don’t hold the only patent to passion…

Preparing for the up coming Bike art show at Beaux Arts Gallery on June 27, I was privileged to visit artist and their studios. I quickly learned that the studio was a key hole to the inner thoughts of the artist.

… and a clean “Better Homes and Garden” studio is not an indicator of success nor does wealth indicate an exceptional

Being a “Muggle” I was able to take an objective look through that magical “key hole” and learned some of the secrets of the artist. Their commitment or lack thereof was evident as I walked around the studios, touching the brushes,

studio-vignette-5looking behind hidden art and noticing their watchful eye as I wander about. Their passion on the other hand was evident, not in where each brush sat or their polished wood studio floor, but rather the care and thought that went into each stroke, blend, weld, drip, bend, or breath they blow.



They do this all with bitter patience, persistence of a postage stamp and perspiration of the work. The results being the sweet fruit of art! Traits that few people possess together at one time.


To quote an artist, which applies to all artist no matter what medium they choose, “Do not tell me you can do what I do until you have.” -Abigail Markov

If an artist can dream it, they can do it. We need more dreamers…


See you at the Bike art show!

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  1. Ross-Barry Finlayson says:

    Great post Steve. When it comes to art, I couldn’t tell the difference between a Constable or Monet. I wouldn’t know how to hold a brush, chisel, spatula, or whatever. But, what I do know, is that I appreciate the work that has gone-into bringing that art to my eyes. Throughout my travels of Japan I have come-across many Buddhist Icons, in some of the most isolated/unusual of places. Some modern, some dating-back many hundreds-of-years & thousands of years. They never fail to amaze me. I wish I could join you, as you admire the exhibits at the upcoming art show.

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