Wild Shoe Tree in Alabama (or) Michigan Governor in Georgia?

Took a trip up through western Georgia and northern Alabama. I learned many interesting things on this excursion. First, in western Georgia there are no bike lanesbike_lanea and second, parks are named after Michigan Governors.IMG_2618 Third, there are shoe trees in Alabama IMG_2681and fourth, the city flag of Florence is nothing more than the Florida state flag with their green city seal replacing the Florida state seal. IMG_2752

Florence city flag

Florida State Flag

  …and speaking of Florence, Alabama, when they indicate there is a bike lane that simply means you can ride in the road with the cars

…and you don’t have to go to their historic section of town to see an original McDonalds with golden arches (not a retro reproduction, saw some of those in Tennessee). IMG_2711 They are proud of their heritage as is evident in the naming of their businesses IMG_2889

and lets not forget we are in the heart of the “bible belt”. IMG_2888

All in all, an interesting and fun way to start the new year!

Happy New Year from Florida Biking!

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ICE Tandem – Wow!

Very interesting, however i don’t believe I would want to spend the entire time pedaling backward .

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How to Ride a Bike by Goofy

Here is a guide for those of  you trying to get the right bike for that special person.

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Florida Key Lime Pie

Its Thanksgiving in Florida so there

must be Key Lime Pie on the table!


Nobody really knows who was the first person to make Key Lime Pie.

Most people who research these kind of things believe it is a William Curry (a ship salvager and Florida’s first self-made millionaire) who might have been responsible.

WIlliam Curry Florida Keys

William Curry, or as he was often known Rich Bill, had a servant in his employment called Aunt Sally, and it was this lady who is thought to have created the Key Lime Pie in the late 1800’s.

Whether she did create this or just put her own spin on something that was already around at the time we don’t really know.

Lost in the midst of time.

But we do know that it wasn’t until the 1930’s that the first recipes were written down, and then still there aren’t many documented instructions, as this was a traditional type of food which people passed down from generation to generation.

Families just knew how to make it.

As the Florida Keys had no milk available to them, and even if they did, had noway to keep it cold, as ice and refrigeration was a distant wish they had to use condensed milk.

It wasn’t until until the arrival of tank trucks with the opening of the Overseas Highway in 1930, that they had the option of the fresh cold stuff.

The brilliantly delicious Key lime pie, might have taken its name from the small fruit plentiful in the Keys, but really it was the condensed milk that gave it its crowning glory.




Authentic Florida Key Lime Pie


1 14-ounce can sweetened condensed milk

3 egg yolks

1/2 cup Key Lime Juice

1 9-inch baked pie shell

Whisk the egg yolks into the condensed milk.

Take some lime juice, and don’t rush it.

Stir a bit and then add more juice, and then stir again and so on.

Just keep on doing it until you find that a thickness is starting to develop in the mixture.

Get your scraper or spoon, and spread it into the pie shell. Don’t worry about making it too even, and then allow it time to cool down and chill.

If you have a bit of time left, then you could well give it a bit of a flourish, by using the egg whites that you have left, to make meringue for the top of the Key lime pie.

And bear in mind that you wanted the Authentic Key Lime Pie Recipe, as you will get asked by people whether you have any whipped cream for it.

Well unless you have a Delorean parked outside that you can use as a time-machine, then just smile and tell them “No, this is the real stuff. Just like the conchs first made it. Whipped cream hasn’t been invented yet!”

And there you have it, the one and only authentic Key Lime Pie Recipe. The only ingredient that would make is better is to be in Key West! 

Find the complete article at this link:  http://www.whats-at-florida-keys.com/Authentic-Florida-Key-Lime-Pie.html



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Pedal America Newsletter

November 2012

Kick Start Season 2 into
HIGH GEAR               Want more of Pedal America? Ira David wants to shift Season Two into high gear so he can continue to give you more of what you want. 

“To begin broadcasting our second season by summer,” Ira David says, “we need to have at least one episode produced and submitted to American Public Television by February 1st. If we want to accomplish that goal for our viewers, we’re going to need some help. I can’t think of a better way of engaging more with our viewers than inviting them to be part of the producing team.”

Want to see your name listed on all Season Two episodes and be among the first to receive a Voler-Pedal America bike jersey? You can! To learn more, click here or visit our Kickstarter platform athttp://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pedalamerica/pedal-america 
Share this with friends and family, and then, as Ira David says, “Y’all get out there and Pedal America!”


Bicycle Hero Bids Farewell To Tampa

After spending years cementing a silver lining to make Tampa, Fla. more bicycle-friendly for commuters and tourists, Alan Snel’s out-spok’n advocacy efforts will be sorely missed by the Seminole Heights Bicycle Club and the Southwest Florida Bicycle Dealers association. At a bitter-sweet send-off after the Tampa Bicycle Bash on November 4th, members of the Florida Bicycle Association bid farewell to their local bike hero.

Kudos, Alan, for a job well done! Best of luck on your new endeavors in Las Vegas!

Do you have a local bike hero? We want to know! Tweet us or share your story atresident@pedalamerica.tv

Ira David and League of American Bicyclists president, Andy Clarke (center), sport a picture with Alan Snel (right) at a Florida Bicycle Association meeting on Monday, Nov. 5th, in Tampa Fla.


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