Free Bicycle Courier Service

Cyclists offer free courier service

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LAKELAND – New York has them; so does Miami. Now Lakeland does too. Downtown Lakeland just got it’s first courier bike service, and the best part: it’s free.

“We just want a reason to ride our bikes,” said Art Cundiff, one of the guys who thought up the idea. “We love it.”

Cundiff and his buddies were already biking buffs. They ride to work, the store, pretty much anywhere they can.

The idea of the “R & R Bicycle Courier Service” came from their friends who would always ask them to pick up or deliver something as they pedaled around town.

Now they are getting calls to deliver lunches, packages, and other stuff they can haul either on or behind their bikes.

Even though there is no charge for a delivery, many people choose to tip them.

“It’s hot in Florida, and you’re riding a round on a bike?” commented Jenna Frey. “I would definitely tip them.”

They have gotten money as a tip, but they are open to just about anything.

“A cold glass of lemonade, maybe some bike parts,” said Aaron Alexander, a courier.

To contact R & R Bicycle Couriers, call (863) 666-0035. 

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  1. art says:

    actually the number is 863 666 0035

    • Florida Biking says:

      Art we corrected the number on our post. Thanks for the correction and safe biking!

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