This is what I think of when I think of Evolution… 

…but today I’ve added to that thought!

Over a decade ago, and beyond, I use to take my boys on trips pulling them behind my bike in a child carrier.

They loved to ride in it because they could go everywhere I went and being boys, they were lazy, so they didn’t have to work at it. Now times are different, they have bikes of their own and are on them in a flash to go across the neighborhood to play with friends or just to ride. They still like riding with Dad but on their own terms and their own bikes.

The child carrier trailer sat in the garage for awhile collecting dust. Several times I contemplated selling it in a yard sale, craiglist, or ebay. Through  procrastination I never did. I decided one day to put it to good use and started using it for short trips to the grocery store. It actually was a lot of fun and on top of all that I was saving gas. The best part was I didn’t have to find a place to park when I got there.

I actually found that I could leave my house go shopping and return back to my house on my bike quicker than I could in my car. It came to the point that anytime I needed to run an errand the trailer went with me just in case I needed to haul something back. 

As time went on I found this trailer (even though it had a 100lb rating) was not really set up well to handle the day to day transportation of cargo that I was routinely hauling. I decided to buy a commercially manufactured bicycle cargo trailer. I looked at several models of different price ranges (from $99 to $800) and different quality. I settled on the Croozer because it provided the versatility I was looking for at the time and its still my main trailer for hauling to this day.

 I have made a few slight modifications (as you can see below) but basically its the same trailer.

I was able to use this trailer to haul my fishing gear, with ease, on those day trips when I road to the Gulf, Tampa Bay or Alafia River. Just a great all round bicycle cargo trailer.

It even helped with some over sized items but at this point it was starting to max out.

But as creatures of nature evolve, so did I, and now I needed to haul more and bigger “stuff” and my perfect little cargo trailer could no longer live up to my expectations on the days I needed to move the contents of my hardware store to my house. Back to the old child carrier trailer. I stripped it down to the frame… Ugly is the only words that come to mind. Because my bike was set up to use the Croozer hitch I was forced to modify the hitch on the child trailer to fit it, a fairly easy process. It sat like that for several months in my garage until one day I needed to pick up some PVC pipe at the hardware store (8 miles away). I decided, today was the day to test it out.

…a successful trip. This got me to thinking of all the ways I could use this heavy duty, steel frame trailer. So I added a tube under the frame to haul long items (such as pipes, etc.), attached a wood floor and some railings for the bulky stuff I don’t want falling off, put a cargo box I had cluttering up the garage in the trailer (for the stuff I don’t want blowing away) and added a cargo net. Small tie downs are next, but that’s another day. All in all I spent a little over $9 to convert my old child trailer to the heavy duty cargo trailer I have today (using mostly scraps and junk I had laying around in the garage).

Does this mean the child trailer has fully evolved to the heavy duty cargo trailer it is today…. I doubt it! Somewhere down the road a random thought will wander into my mass congestion of lost axons in my brain. When that happens, the heavy duty cargo trailer, will evolve again into something we may all not recognize. …and so it goes!


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