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Because I do most of my grocery shopping and even medium size item shopping  by bicycle, I am always looking at different bicycle cargo trailers to get ideas for building or improving my own.

Now something I learned today is Sears…. yes Sears and Roebucks, sells a bicycle cargo trailer. Its called the i10Direct Cargo Bicycle Trailer, made by or at least distributed by i10 Direct a company that sells:  Party Tents, Wedding Tents, Greenhouses, Massage Chairs and other things like Bicycle Cargo Trailers. They can be found in Lee, FL.

 At only $120 to $140, it is quite the bargain when you consider its versatility!

Frame is Powder Coated Steel with collapsable and removeable Gray plastic box.

This is a Bicycle Trailer for on road or off road. The frame is  powder coated steel to prevent rust, and is very heavy duty. Tracks behind the bike very well. Comes with removable and collapsable plastic bin and includes a removable, washable cover for the top of the trailer. Trailer weighs 22 lbs and the actual cargo area / box measures about. 23″ long x 15.5″ wide x 13″ high, small by most bicycle trailer standards, but well built, and great for hooking up to your mountain bike for that unpaved short cut to the grocery store.

What I really love about this little trailer is the Gray Plastic Bin is collapsible and removable to convert to flatbed trailer.  At this point you can just add your own wood or metal deck or what ever suits your fancy.

Below is a company video of the product. Even though the quality of the video is not very good, it still gives you a good idea of the workmanship and operation of the trailer.

This would make a great first time trailer for someone who is thinking about a cargo trailer and it lends itself to the possibilities to be a lot more. A very nice little product.

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