Most Dangerous Places To Ride A Bike!

Cycling is an action that can be liked as a skilled sport, a mode of transportation, or a recreational activity. It is considered to be one  of the top leisurely routines that Americans appreciate. Cycling is not only an excellent way to get some fresh new air and appreciate the scenery around you but it is also an excellent form of workout.

The most popular sort of cycling is street cycling, which is mostly on paved surfaces. A single kind of road cycling that is speedily gaining popularity is journey cycling where cycling journeys are extended into long journeys. Portion of the appeal of adventure cycling is that it pushes the cyclist to their limits. It is excessive biking! And, by natural means with nearly anything severe there are some that want to push the activity even farther.

These adventurous souls have sought out the most hazardous locations in the globe to journey a bike. And, the moment the tales began to get about the legends were born. Now, these harmful locales are sought following by cyclists looking for a new challenge. If you feel you have what it takes, then here is your chance to ride a bike in the most dangerous spots in the world.

According to the Transportation for the USA and the Surface Transportation Policy Partnership, the most dangerous U.S. metropolis to experience a bicycle in is Orlando, Florida. In reality, the top 10 most hazardous U.S. cities to ride in are all located in the South.

The most dangerous state to cycle in is also Florida with 119 bicycle associated fatalities. California was a close second with 109 fatalities. So, if you might be arranging an extended bike trip either keep away from or head in the direction of these states — depending on whether your goal is to seek out danger or not.

The most dangerous street in the world to bicycle on is Coroico Road. Positioned in the Bolivian Andes, this is considered the steepest and bumpiest road close to. The road plunges down practically 3,600 meters or 2.25 miles. It has been stated that bikers can achieve speeds of close to 50 mph  with out making any attempt to do so.

The most dangerous bike path is located on the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. There is a 600 foot drop down to the Atlantic Ocean, with ledges that are often only four inches broad and gaps that are more than four ft long.  

And now for the actual shocker. The most dangerous place to ride your bike isn’t an entire world away, it’s just out your door. The sidewalk is regarded by most cyclists the most harmful spot to experience a bike ride.

The sidewalk is hazardous because there is a higher chance of colliding with an additional cyclist or a pedestrian. Collisions with an automobile are more typical too because drivers aren’t viewing the sidewalk and bikers journey down curbs and driveways without looking out for vehicles. Not only is sidewalk cycling 2 times as risky than cycling in the street but it becomes on occasion as hazardous to cycle when you are going against traffic.

If you plan on  searching out intense biking circumstances, preserve these essential security tips in your head. Always wear a helmet. Travel in the exact same direction as traffic (and the flow of people if possible), never ever in against traffic. Obey the rules of the road. And, remain aware of your surroundings. Safe Biking!


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  1. Ross-Barry Finlayson says:

    This is another really great post Steve. As-soon-as my ass hits the seat, I am aware, no matter where and what terrain I am about to cycle on/through, of the risks I am taking. I don’t regard any terrain to be more, or less, dangerous than the other.
    The paragraph on the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland brought back memories of when I was there in ’93. It is spectacular to say the least.

  2. Florida Biking says:

    I would love to see the Cliffs of Moher in person but you would never catch me on them…. I have this terrible fear of heights! lol

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