Florida Biking tour of Apollo Beach and Manatee Viewing Ctr.

This Florida Biking Bicycle Tour was set in the beautiful countryside of South Shore in Hillsborough County, just 15 minutes south of Tampa, in beautiful Apollo Beach. The route for cyclists of all skill levels choosen was 11.5 miles.  There are water stations and restrooms at both the Manatee Viewing Ctr. and Apollo Beach Park. Whether you’re a visitor or a Florida native, you will enjoy Florida Biking’s bicycle guided tour of South Shores. This non-strenuous, recreational tour  last 2 1/2 – 3 hours, which includes a 60 minute stop off at the Manatee Viewing Center and a 30 min stop for a packed lunch at Apollo Beach Park.  While dinning at the park you will enjoy the scenery of Tampa Bay, the sky lines of Tampa, McDill, St. Pete and the Skyway bridge. We were happy to have Lori C. on our tour today and you can see by her expressions she was having a blast. She rented one of our electric bikes which she said came in very handy when we hit a strong head wind coming back from the beach. We were also very fortunate to run into Charlie (one of the volunteers at the Manatee Viewing Ctr.), who gave us a shaded, covered place, to park our bikes, watched over them and then entertained us with stories as we were getting ready to leave. He’s always there so make sure you look him up when you visit, he is a wealth of information! Thank you Charlie! No mistaking a beautiful spring day in Florida for a bike ride, as can be attested to by the pictures below. Enjoy!

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  1. jalexartis says:

    I’d love to ride here. Maybe one day…

  2. Florida Biking says:

    Well for sure I’ll have my Expedition by next year. Lots of excellent paved trails down here to ride a trike. Look us up when you come down I’d enjoy the company riding and look forward to meeting you. Maybe by then you can give me some pointers for my Catrike! Steve

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