When I Was a Kid Life was Dangerous!

Most of the activities in which I engaged in as a kid are now seen as extremely dangerous. Looking back on those days, in which I am quite sure we all felt ” safe,” I  wonder how I managed to grow up!

Consider the following list of “normal” activities for me as a kid. Feel free to add to the list with “dangers” of your own!

  1. No seat belts in cars
  2. No child seats (infants instead rode in the mother’s lap in the front seat)
  3. Parents used belts and paddles for spanking
  4. No bicycle helmets
  5. No knee or elbow pads for skate boarding
  6. We drank soda pop out of glass bottles
  7. Many of us wore “Tough Skin” jeans
  8. We rode in station wagons facing backwards
  9. We rode in the back of pickup trucks on the highway
  10. We used lawn mowers without hearing protection or blade-releases
  11. We had asbestos pipes in our schools
  12. People were allowed to smoke in public buildings
  13. People were allowed to smoke in airplanes
  14. We rocked the school bus back and forth
  15. We were read Grimm’s Fairy Tales
  16. We had leaded paint, and
  17. Leaded gasoline
  18. We had no smog protection on our cars
  19. We drank water straight out of the tap
  20. We jumped on trampolines without side netting
  21. We played with lawn darts (which I still have)
  22. Any number of people could ride in a car and nobody thought anything of it
  23. Our high-chairs had more pinch-points on them than a hydraulic press
  24. We ate food without ingredient labels
  25. We operated all sorts of equipment without those yellow caution stickers posted near every lever
  26. We drank McDonald’s coffee without being warned that it was hot
  27. Toy guns looked real
  28. We all had BB guns, and shot them at each other!
  29. We played street hockey without helmets
  30. We did our own science projects without any parental assistance
  31. We really did walk to school
  32. We had no hand sanitizer of any kind
  33. Our video games had no ratings system assigned to them
  34. We could drive go-karts without signing a waiver
  35. We organized neighborhood sports games without any parents, leagues, referees, groomed fields, etc.
  36. We played baseball with a baseball
  37. We actually left our own yards without taking along a babysitter
  38. We were spanked at the Principal’s Office
  39. We even said the Pledge of Allegiance in school!

…and I survived!

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  1. Ross-Barry Finlayson says:

    …….and weren’t they great years?

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