I have a dream….

… and this is in it!

I normally don’t do reviews but I have read everything there is to read about this Expedition Catrike. I have compared it to the top manufactures in the world of trikes and nothing can compare to this tadpole trike. Its got the perfect angle seat at 37 degrees and over 4″ of ground clearance without sticking up in the wind like a lollipop like so many of the others do. It only weighs 35lbs which probably accounts for it being one of the fastest trikes out there, next of course to its big brother the Catrike 700, but the most important thing for me is the fact that it provides me with the needed exercise without the joint impact I get from riding a standard bike. One day I’ll own one of these and cycling will take on a whole new pain free meaning for me. In the mean time, … I have a dream.

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2 Responses to I have a dream….

  1. Ross-Barry Finlayson says:

    That is one smooth-looking machine Steve. You are gradually convincing me to get one too. I can see me investing in a Lotto ticket. I’ll let you know if I win.

  2. Florida Biking says:

    I tried the lotto and now I’m further behind in getting it Barry…. lol

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