Copenhagenization – Gettting people out of their cars and on their bikes

If there is one thing about Denmark,  it is their love for bicycling, and how the cities are designed to be bike friendly.

In Copenhagen more than 40 pct of people bike to and from work (the cities goal is 60 pct).

For the safety reasons alone. separate bicycle lanes like the ones  in the program are a great innovation. (For example, in Copenhagen biking is so safe that eight year olds bike around with their parents).

When asked bicyclist emphasize one key reason for biking instead of driving or taking the bus, its convenient and safe. Sure they recognize that its cheaper, healthier and reduces Carbon Emissions, but they do its because its safe and easy.

This makes me think of the potential for the USA, if we had the courage to invest in bicycle lanes and ‘push the cars back’ as they began doing in Copenhagen in the 70’s and still do today.  If we made it more convenient and safer for people to bike in to work everyday, what potential outcomes could we achieve in better health, cleaner air, less carbon admissions?


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