When People Ride Bikes, Great Things Happen!


Here are some stats to help you quickly convey the benefits of bicycling. For more detailed stats, click for participationeconomichealthfacilities,environmental, and safety stats. Keep track of recently added stats, as new statistics are added frequently. You can also download  Statistics One-Pager for a quick resource on the benefits of bicycling. To request a printed copy, contact sarah@bikesbelong.org.

1. Bicycling is for everyone

2. Bicycling can help you live longer and better

3. Bicycling boosts the economy

4. Bicycling is less expensive than driving a car

5. Bicycling reduces road congestion and air pollution

6. Bicycling is safe, and together we can make it safer

  • The health benefits of cycling outweigh the risks by a factor of 20 to one. (Hillman, M., 1992)
  • There is safety in numbers: the more cyclists there are, the safer bicycling is. (Jacobsen, P., 2003)

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