Motorcycle vs. Bicycle

I have always loved Motorcycles and Bicycles. I have ridden and owned Motorcycles since I first got my license and that has been over 44 yrs ago. I have ridden and owned Bicycles since I could walk and needless to say that is even longer ago. I am now excited about trying a Catrike Expedition (yes I’ve already picked out the brand, color, model and even test road it), when I can afford it! …but that’s another blog so lets get back to the point I was trying to make.

A question was posed to me recently as to the safety of the Motorcycle vs. the Bicycle. My initial thought was one is no safer than the other assuming you are riding both of them on the street (there was a man that was killed a couple of years ago in Brandon that was struck by a car while he road his bike on the sidewalk, but that opens up another can of worms).

Using my 30+ years in law enforcement I began combing the archives for all the statistical data I could find relating to Motorcycle accidents and Bicycle accidents. I read tons of research by bicycle manufactures, insurance companies, Universities, law enforcement agencies, first responders, and highway engineers. I then read tons of reports submitted by these same agencies that pertained to actual incidents that happened both with the motorcycles and bicycles.

After filtering out all the red tape, double talk, side stepping, politics, and animosity I came to this startling conclusion… Go faster, die harder!


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  1. Ross-Barry Finlayson says:

    You could be a non-smoker,non-drinker,health-food fanatic,exercise fanatic +++.Then one day you get run-over by a car out of control.If your numbers up,your numbers up.

  2. floridabiking says:


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