When People Ride Bikes, Good Things Happen

Bicycling is great for health, good for communities, and a solution to many of our most pressing
societal and environmental problems. Here is just a taste of what you can find in Bikes Belong’s online,
searchable Statistics Library to help you make the case for bicycling in your community.
Bicycling is for everyone
• Bicycling is the second most popular outdoor activity in the United States.
• 47% of Americans say they would like more bike facilities in their communities.
Bicycling is the ideal way to take short trips
• Most trips Americans make are short: 49% are less than 3 miles, 39% are less
than 2 miles, and 24% are less than 1 mile.
Bicycling can help you live longer and better
• 3 hours of biking per week reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke by 50%.
• Women who bike 30+ minutes a day have a lower risk of breast cancer.
• Adolescents who bicycle are 48% less likely to be overweight as adults.
Bicycling boosts the economy
• The U.S. bicycle industry sold $5.9 billion in bicycles and equipment in 2008.
• Twice as many bicycles are sold in the U.S. each year than cars.
• Studies have shown that homes closer to bike paths are more valuable.
Bicycling is less expensive than driving a car
• The average American househould spends over $8,000 per year on owning and
driving their cars – more than they spend on food.
• On a round-trip commute of 10 miles, bicyclists save around $10 daily.
Bicycling reduces road congestion and air pollution
• Traffic congestion wastes nearly 3 billion gallons of gas per year in the U.S.
• For every 1 mile pedaled rather than driven, about 1 pound of CO² is saved.
Bicycling is safe, and together we can make it safer
• The average commuter cyclist has just 1 accident every 8.7 years.
• There is safety in numbers: the more cyclists there are, the safer bicycling is.

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