KMX Trike with EcoSpeed Mid-Drive

KMX Trike with EcoSpeed Mid-Drive

Portland, OR –November 23, 2011, EcoSpeed, an industry leader in the design and manufacture of electric bicycle and tricycle conversion kits, announced its collaboration with the US trike distributor for KMX Karts, Utah Trikes, to make electric tadpole trikes available directly to customers through the KMX dealer network across the US.

Originally designed by former helicopter mechanic, Barry Smith, for his son, KMX Karts have grown from their roots in the UK to a company with sales around the world. KMX Karts are one brand of tadpole style trikes. Tadpole trikes, with two wheels in front, are vastly more stable than the more traditional, delta style trikes which have one wheel in front.

According to Ashley Guy, the owner of Utah Trikes, industry wide tadpole trike sales have doubled each year for the past five years. The KMX line-up has grown with that trend and has been described as “a cool fusion of go-kart, BMX, and mountain bike” with models for adults and kids, all with good stability due to their low center of gravity.

As electric bikes and trikes become more popular, EcoSpeed has begun working directly with manufactures, with their own dealer networks, so that customers can not only buy EcoSpeed’s motor kits but can order an EcoSpeed powered e-bike or trike directly from a local retailer.

EcoSpeed and Utah Trikes began design on a custom electric system in 2010. This system is hidden behind the seat of the KMX, making it more compact, and integrated with the trike’s chain line. After rigorous testing by both EcoSpeed and Utah Trikes the system is now available to US trike riders.

EcoSpeed’s unique mid-drive electric motor system is positioned to spin the chain rather than being built into the wheel like many electric systems. The main advantage of a mid-drive system is that the motor can run at full power, spinning at its most efficient rate, in each gear. This allows the rider to shift down and have additional torque to climb steep hills while still having great speed on level ground in higher gears. The EcoSpeed powered KMX retails complete with battery system starting at $4,395 and can now be purchased through any of the 48 KMX dealers in the US.

Video of EcoSpeed powered KMX first rides at EcoSpeed – click HERE.

Media interested in further information should contact Tad Beckwith, EcoSpeed VP of Sales and Marketing, 503 233-4612

About EcoSpeed:

EcoSpeed Inc., founded in 2002, and based in Portland, Oregon, designs and manufactures high performance electric motor kits that transform regular bikes and trikes into pedal-electric hybrids. Anyone who would like to drive less and ride more now has a fun, fast, and planet friendly way to get around. EcoSpeed’s systems provide light weight and powerful motor kits that use the gears on the bike to climb hills and help customers arrive at their destination sweat-free and grinning.


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