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The Wisper 905 is “FUN” – My first ride on an e-bike
Posted on September 14, 2011
I typically won’t be doing product reviews here. There are too many people that have a farbetter understanding than I, when it comes to bicycle product knowledge and I will concede that task to them. I will however yell loud and clear when I see a product that excites me!

Get ready, I’m about to start yelling! Wisper e-bikes! Louder? Wisper e-Bikes! I got interested in e-Bikes from reading “Turbo Bob’s Bicycle Blog”. And if you are interested in that technology, I highly recommend you check out his link below. I will say this about the Whisper e-Bikes; they surprised the hell out of me, in a very good way!

Great time on some fun e-bikes!

Steve Muller, of Florida e-Biking spent an afternoon showing we the Wisper product line. From first glance, my impressions were positive. They looked like traditional bicycles, with the exception of the lithium battery and having a larger hub on one wheel. The tires were wider than what I was used too as well. To me it paralleled the appearance of a beefy mountain bike, and being a road bike guy, I started to get a little concerned about the weight and rolling resistance.

Then, as I rolled a Whisper 905 City out to the street, I instinctively lifted it to feel the weight! And heavy, it was! The concern was building! My plan was to call on the throttle as little as possible and make human power the driving force on this test run, and I was now having serious doubts that that could happen

Then, I cranked the pedals for the first time. No throttle action just pedals. And surprise, the electric motor assisted me in getting up to speed. I was able to easily understand and control the electric three speed control, so once I reached a desired speed, I shifted back to low power assist and let my legs do the work.

I also tried a hard run, with minimal power assist, like I would do if I was playing catch up on my road bike. It didn’t have the top speed that I was used to, but truthfully, you can only maintain that kind of speed for short distances anyway. Since I could pedal with power assist, I could easily maintain the speed I had for much longer distances than I could on a conventional bicycle.

My overall impression of the Wisper 905 City was very positive. Simply put, I would ride this. It lets you control the level of power assist so if you are looking for a good work out, you can get it. What’s if you run low on energy in the process, just ask it for a little more assist, and it will be there. I see this bike as a great equalizer between riders of different skills and strengths. Anyone can find the workout and enjoyment level they want.

And if a mode of travel for commuting is what you are looking for, this may be the perfect solution. The Wispers are priced right, easy to handle, and enough energy to easily take on a 10 to 15 mile commute each way without concern or recharge.

Here is a link to Florida e-Biking for more info on the Wisper Line:


And here is a link to Turbo Bob’s Bicycle Blog for more e-Bike Info:



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